"There is no road towards Peace, Peace is the road”
Mahatma Gandhi

'Fondation Paix 21' was founded in 2005 by the initiative and presidency of Roselyne Crausaz, former councillor of state, in Fribourg, Switzerland. It emerged from 'Peace-2000', a peace movement focused on the turn of the millennium by different impulses in favour of peace projects and founded in Basel/CH by Hans Zihlmann. The objective of the foundation, the promotion of peace in the world,  is implemented by active and personal commitment of individuals.

As mentioned in Art.2 of the statues, the goals of the foundation are :

-  Active promotion of Peace
-  Support the creation of Peace Centers worldwide
-  Support the functioning of such centers actively
-  Active fund-raising for the realisation of these Peace Centers

Foundation members are :

- Roselyne Crausaz, president
- Hans Zihlmann, vice-president
- Prof.Dr.méd. Günter Schmolz, vice-president
- Horst Tögel, founder and director of the Brenz Band
- Hans Schlegel, treasurer

The foundation projects